What people have said about Glenn Davis

"Glenn Davis was my legislative aide when I served in the Virginia House of Delegates. Glenn has always been a strong voice for economic development and conservative fiscal policies that help create jobs. He has an entrepreneur's spirit..."

- Governor Bob McDonnell (2012)

"Glenn Davis' views reflect the values our members hold dear, and are important to keeping the citizens of the Commonwealth safe."

- Michael Mohler, prior president VA Professional Fire Fighters (2013)

"Glenn Davis has demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs and challenges farmers are facing and has proven his support. We believe Glenn Davis will help agriculture and forestry maintain its vitality as the number one industry in Virginia."

- Wayne F. Pryor, prior Chairman VFBF AgPAC (2013)

"There is no mistaking the voting record and leadership exhibited by Delegate Glenn Davis. As a small businessman and entrepreneur, Delegate Davis understands the needs of businesses."

- Virginia Chamber of Commerce (2014)

"... an All-Star Delegate/leader from keeping taxes off the internet to Truth-in-Sentencing/Abolition of Parole. Truly one of the smartest, perceptive and thoughtful Delegates."

- Governor George Allen (2015)

"... he has a record of providing employment opportunities in the private sector. As a telecommunications management entrepreneur and business owner, he talks business with the knowledge and enthusiasm of a chef talking food. He is very much a solutions-oriented legislator who wants to see employers not only survive but thrive right here in Virginia."

- Lynn Mitchell, Bearing Drift Editor (2016)